Space Exploration!

In memory and honor of Gerard K. O'Neill, Founder of Space Studies Institute

Gerard K. O'Neill

What Space Exploration is:

1) An evolutionary movement involving our entire species, dictated and driven by benevolent and altruistic desires to build "off planet" habitats/refuges in case of cataclysmic events.

2 ) To establish outposts for the study of meteors, redirect them, if possible, or explode them at a safe distance from our planet and its life-forms.

3) To build new "Trampolines" (Space-Platforms) enabling us, Human Beings, to explore other surfaces while parking our exploratory tools somewhere off-planet.

4) Discover different beneficial life-enhancing technologies as we progress in our research. As per yet hidden genetic empowerment awaiting our efforts, these technologies are waiting to be "downloaded" in our own conscious mind to be used for everyone's benefit.

Yes, my list is short ! Volumes have already been written by Experts on the subject.

What Space Exploration is NOT, or shouldn't be EVER!

1) A secretive contest among the few to achieve "Space-Dominance" for their own imperial dreams/ambitions.

2) Using meteors, and other space-solids, as ready-made ammunition for destructive, or intimidating territorial purposes.

3) Transforming our eventual "Trampolines" into "Nets" of surveillance, enabling the targeting of precise locations, for pre-emptive, or retaliatory, strikes on this planet.

4) Using antiquated and no longer valid territorial measurements used by previous generations on Earth, thereby reducing Space to ordinary Real-Estate and getting only the kind of information which restricts Human Beings to "battle-grounds", or keeps them ground in battles.

Again a very short list, but "Truth" is never long-winded , nor is it difficult to decipher.

Malou Zeitlin

Formerly a "Fellow" of SSI ( under an other name) prior to her marriage to Gerald Zeitlin.