How Science Explains Removing Wrinkles In Clothes Through Garment Steamer

Garment steamers are the cutting-edge technology of the millennium! Well, to be honest, water steaming and de-wrinkling technology are not new to this world, the technology is centuries old like the steam engine powering the trains or fuelling the industrial revolution! What is different here is that the manufacturers have used the same science behind the water steamers to the better use and application in garment steaming.

If you know your history well, teakettles were used in the 1900s to de-wrinkle clothes. Now, the same application is made using compact machines that uses electricity to turn water into steam and allow garment steaming to remove wrinkles.

The Science behind Garment Steaming
Any garment steamer has three major components; a water tank, a nozzle, and a metal rod. Cold water is put inside the water tank then the electricity is used to heat the water and turn it into steam using the rod and then the steam is passed through the nozzle to de-wrinkle the clothes.

Unlike iron that uses force and pressure to de-wrinkle the creases from clothes, garment steamer uses the hot steam to relax the long-chain of clotted molecules of fiber and hence removing the crease from the fabric.
So now you know why garment steamers are applied from a certain distance and are used while the clothes are hanged and not surfaced and pressed like the iron. Also, because of the garment steaming science, it is advised to first try steamer on a small piece of fabric. And users should not use the steamer on waxed or leathered clothes as they might melt because of the steam.

It is due to this science of garment steaming, their lightweight and portable nature; the garment steamers are now more preferred on most of the fabrics and not iron. For instance, steamers work better on silk, satin, velvet, and wool than the iron.

So, now that you know how amazing garment steaming is, I am sure you should add this to your list of home products to buy. Also, all sorts of garment steamers are easily available online. But, it is essential that you sort your priorities first before buying the garment steamer.

The garment steamers are easily available online but when you search for them, the options can be overwhelming! So, if you need a portable and lightweight device to carry while traveling, make sure you add handheld garment steamers to your buying list. And if you are using them for the fixed location, then the upright garment steamers that come with hanging rod are an amazing choice.

Also, garment steamers have multiple uses apart from garment steaming. Due to its water steaming science, it can also be used to clean rigid stains and grits from stoves, to loosen the grip of the stains on the sofa and to easily clean door mates and curtains. Hence, it is all the more worth the money and reason to get this product.