Walk-In Tub Vs Regular Bathtub: Which One Is For You?

When designing your home you should have many considerations in mind. For example, you may not have the same energy to climb stairs that you enjoy now. You need to consider if the regular bathtub may be relevant for some years to come. In most cases, a walk-in tub is safer for older persons. You have to decide what type will you buy depending on the availability of the resource, your budget and also the people that you intend to stay within the home. Your home should be as comfortable as possible. Do not just concentrate on the main areas- living room, bedroom, and kitchen. The bathroom must also be given the same attention. Whether walk-in tub or regular bathtub; here are the reviews of both of them to guide you on making the most appropriate choice.

Walk-in tubs

These are bathtubs that enhance your comfort according to research. There are no steps or climbs that you need. It is just like you are moving from one room to the other. Once you get in then the door automatically closes and water fills in the bathtub. After your bath, you just need to drain the water and simply get out. It is a hassle-free kind of tub. Most of the functions are automated. Why were they designed? The main reason why there was these tub was to take care of people who are physically challenged and depend on the wheelchair. They are limited when it comes to mobility. They also need to enjoy a warm bath rather than depend on a water bath

Pros of walk-in tubs

·        They have deeper water depth compared to regular bathtubs

·        There is no step over a barrier to access the bathtub

·        The seats are a bit higher than the standard bathtub

·        Have additional accessories to enhance the physical and emotional health of the user

Cons of walk-in tubs

·        You spend more time while waiting for the water to drain or fill up

·        You cannot open or close the tap when the door is open- the water will spill

·        The water can chill while waiting for it to fill up

Regular Bathtub

These are the normal bathtub that is in the form of a bog sink. You can opt to open the tap before or even while inside and still enjoy your bath. Once you are in, you have to slide in as if you are swimming to enjoy the hot water bath benefits.

Pros of regular bathtubs

·        Gives one a relaxing moment at the time

·        You can bath fast compared to the walk-in tubs

·        You can fill water at any time

·        It is safe for children

·        It has a lower height than the walk-in tubs

Cons of regular bath tubs

·        It occupies a lot of bathroom space

·        It is not ideal for the elderly and physically-challenged group

·        There are no seats hence do not give you the comfort of a sitting position when taking a bath

Having looked at the advantage and disadvantages of the two bathtubs, it is upon you to have a comprehensive look at exactly what you need now and in the future as far as a bathtub is concerned. It is this information that will narrow down to the most appropriate bathtub to avoid unnecessary costs. There is no need of installing a bathtub that will not help you when you have grown old or one that you will have no option but to replace with a walk-in tub or vice versa in future. It will be a waste of money.